Sneak peak into S23 Update

Sneak peak into S23 Update

New details have emerged about the upcoming update for the Galaxy S23 series, as shared by the reliable leaker Ice Universe. 

According to Ice Universe, the camera-focused update, known as version WE9, will be available as a download of approximately 1.5 GB. One notable addition mentioned is a 2x zoom in portrait mode, achieved through a 12 MP crop of a regular 50 MP photo. While it is expected to be a lossless process, the actual results remain to be seen. Additionally, the update will enhance HDR photos and night mode within the Samsung Camera app.

In the near future, Samsung will also release a smaller update labeled WD3. This update will solely introduce the capability to transfer video calls between a smartphone and a tablet. Samsung has not disclosed the exact release date for WD3 yet, but it typically takes a few weeks for the company to distribute updates globally. Consequently, some markets may receive WD3 and WE9 before others.

Source: Notebook Check

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